A list of numbers

Diamond Lil eventually became a completely original band and produced approximately 40 original numbers (maybe more) over two to three years.   They were all written by Harry Spooner but Lorna Oakley and Alan Letch co-wrote two particularly good numbers, one of which was "Wild Fire Lover", which is on the Diamond Lil album, and "Hemophilia Rock".  

The following scan is of a surviving list handwritten on a postcard showing the titles of the original numbers that were played by Diamond Lil, 39 in total, all original.  (some titles are a bit weird!)

Of these numbers the following were recorded:

27th September 1976 at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge

"Black Rat", "Patron of Hell", "Red Man" and "The Loser"

21st July 1977 at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge

"I Don't Care", "Toinight's The Night", "Discontinued Line" and "Wild Fire Lover"

26th May 1978 at Speedway Studios, Romford (we called it the "Fridge")

"It's Down To Me", "Spring Fever" and "Yobbos and Tarts"

During 1977/1978 some other tracks were informally recorded.

Good After Bad, Be With You Tonight, Crazy Nights, Come On and High Flyer were later recorded by Berlin Ritz during 1978-1980 period.